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5″ Jerk Shrimp

If you’re a lover of seafood then this is for you! This pie features charcoal bbq’d jerk shrimp along with potato, green onion and corn for the vegetables. The sauce is a creamy coconut jerk sauce that compliments the seafood flavour.



7 reviews for 5″ Jerk Shrimp

  1. Cara (verified owner)

    The jerk shrimp pie is incredible! It’s got the same great heat and flavours of the chicken but an added bonus flavour of coconut milk that is so tasty. You need to try these pies!

  2. Dawn Marie

    Ok if you love shrimp…. and you love jerk.. this pie is for YOU! I can’t stop eating these ?

  3. Jane H

    One of the best pies I have ever had. The pie is perfectly seasoned. This is by far my favourite.

  4. Jane H

    Absolutely delicious. Perfectly spiced and the pastry is nice and flaky.

  5. Yasmin (verified owner)

    One of the best pies I’ve had! Full of flavour and not overly spicy.

  6. Nirmala (verified owner)

    My favourite of all the pies. The crust is lovely, the filling is generous and it’s so nice to have that charcoal BBQ sensation come through. The shrimp and coconut together, so delicious. Worth the money and time to prepare.

  7. Nikki (verified owner)


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