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5″ Jerk chicken (SPICY)

A spicier version of our original jerk chicken pot pie.



8 reviews for 5″ Jerk chicken (SPICY)

  1. Donna

    This pie is for the people who aren’t afraid of the heat! ? I have always been a lover of spicy food and this is such a perfect pie!!! I cannot thank pie mon enough for providing myself and my family with these perfect snacks! Really tasty and a lot of love has went in to making these. 5*

  2. Genie Ehm (verified owner)

    This rating needs more stars! This pie is solid gold. Just enough heat to give you that sweet tingle, the rich filling, flaky crust, Piemon has done it again. I am seriously loving these pies, you won’t be disappointed, guaranteed!

  3. Kristen (verified owner)

    The spice was just right! We loved the explosion of flavor in these pies. The crust was light and flaky and the jerk chicken filling was creamy and delicious! We will definitely be ordering more! The 5” pie was the perfect size for an individuals meal. Can’t wait to try all of the other pies in my next order!

  4. Julia

    These are EASILY the best tasting chicken pot pies me and my family have ever had. They are so full of flavour with the perfect spice level, they are perfect to keep in the freezer for an easy and delicious dinner.

  5. Jane H

    Love these pies. The flavour is perfect. Just the right amount of heat so all the flavour comes through.

  6. E

    This pie was delicious, filling and so easy to make. Can’t wait to order again!

  7. Yasmin (verified owner)

    So delicious and flavorful. Spicy means spicy!

  8. Karen (verified owner)

    These are perfect for an easy work/study from home lunch. We love spice and the spicy chicken has just the right amount. The 5″ pies with a salad is just the right portion. On our second order and have shared it with my neighbours who go in on the order with us so we can get free shipping.

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