Jerk Chicken

Charcoal bbq’d boneless jerk chicken, vegetables and a blend of Jamaican spices and herbs in a creamy jerk sauce wrapped in flaky pastry. 

Jerk Jackfruit (Vegan)

A vegan jerk pie inspired by the original jerk chicken pot pierecipe that features savoury charcoal BBQ’d jackfruit (similar texture to chicken) and a creamy coconut jerk sauce.


Oh that sweet oxtail gravy! Enjoy oxtail without the hassle of the bones. We cook beef until its tender in our signature oxtail stock, pull the beef apart and then thicken the sauce, giving you ALL the flavour and none of the bones or chewy parts. The pie also contains traditional butter beans.

Jerk Shrimp

If you’re a lover of seafood then this is for you! This pie features charcoal bbq’d jerk shrimp along with potato, green onion and corn for the vegetables. The sauce is a creamy coconut jerk sauce that compliments the seafood flavour.

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