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5″ Oxtail

Oh that sweet oxtail gravy! Enjoy oxtail without the hassle of the bones. We cook beef until its tender in our signature oxtail stock, pull the beef apart and then thicken the sauce, giving you ALL the flavour and none of the bones or chewy parts. The pie also contains traditional butter beans.



12 reviews for 5″ Oxtail

  1. Cam

    Best frozen food I’ve ever had- Cam and Noah

  2. Jackie M

    Oh man! I only have one word… AMAZING!! It’s the perfect blend between oxtail and tender steak. I adore the oxtail flavour and piemon nailed it! Really amazing and the pie crust compliments the filling. Highly recommended ??

  3. Jon

    These oxtail pies are insane! The meat is SOOO tender and juicy! The flavours he’s achieved by using quality ingredients and perfectly balancing them all together is next level! These are for sure going to be a regular item in my freezer! At least for a day or two until I eat them all! Well done Piemon!

  4. Genie Ehm

    Unbelievably tender chunks of oxtail in a gravy that is so incredible you will want to fill your freezer full of these outrageous pies! The only thing wrong with them is ha!!! Absolutely nothing! Piemon scores a solid 10 with these babies!

  5. Roxanne (verified owner)

    Perfection! I love oxtail and didn’t know what to expect from an oxtail pot pie, but it was wonderful. The crust was flaky and delicious, the gravy was flavourful, and the meat was perfectly done.

  6. Kenya (verified owner)

    The oxtail pies were proper styll. Loved the crust and full of flavour. Loved the blend of oxtail and pie.

  7. Toni Pellicano (verified owner)

    Was so good… I did not want to share!!!

  8. Bart

    Yooooo these pies are FIRE!!! Bless you Pie Mon!

  9. Lilly ghosh (verified owner)

    How have i been missing this my entire life?
    Wow so good!
    Perfect spice blend and all around delicious!!!

  10. Manuela

    These pies are so delicious and filling! The oxtail was my absolute favorite, so amazing! I will definitely be reordering in the future, 10/10 would recommend

  11. Charlene (verified owner)

    The oxtail pie is none like anything I’ve tasted before. Trust me when I say this dish is hard share because you’ll want to eat it to yourself. So delicious! Can’t wait to place another order!

  12. Sandra RC (verified owner)

    We bought a 6 pack and tried chicken, oxtail, and shrimp. It was a great value. My favourite was the oxtail and the kids loved the spicy jerk chicken. So flavourful and filling, and the crust was superb. Do yourself a favour and grab some for dinner – you won’t be disappointed and you’ll also be supporting local. 5 stars from us.

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